FlexGui development

FlexGui is a new graphical interface running on NACHI`s robot controller. FlexGui is developed as a collaboration between PPM AS in Norway and NACHI Fujikoshi in Japan. By merging the competence, the result is probably the most modern and powerful user interface on the market for industrial robots.

FlexGui bases upon high user friendliness in addition to full remote operation of the FlexGui interface and NACHI's standard robot controller interface, on PC, smart phone or tablet.

Due to the close collaboration, FlexGui has been released passing NACHI Fujikoshi’s Quality Assurance routines. 

- FlexGui must not be confused with any 3rd part software which has not been through NACHI Fujikoshi’s Quality Assurance. Use of any 3rd part software on NACHI robot controllers, can cause serious malfunction of the NACHI’s robot controllers and robots, and cause immediate termination of any guarantee.