Please note: All FlexGui licenses can be bought through NACHI-FUJIKOSHI.
To make an inquiry, please contact your nearest NACHI dealer!  
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FlexGui is a new graphical interface running on NACHI`s robot controller. With a FlexGui, together with its free companion, FlexGui Toolbox, you can fast and easily create nice looking and intuitive user interfaces that are adapted to any operator`s skill.


  • Make your own user interfaces by assembling graphical robot functions; Fidgets (“FlexGui-Widgets”) onto your user screens.
  • Assemble multiple User Screens for any purposes eg. program run, robot cell initialization, program testing and help functions.
  • FlexGui's graphcical Belt technology provides good overview, and instant selection of Fidgets and User Screens. 
  • All functions are touch optimised. Drag and drop, flick to scroll, intelligent copy and paste, beautiful on-screen keyboard and much more. 
  • Multi language support gives you the opportunity to use your own language when making your user interfaces with FlexGUI.
  • Management and deployment of your projects to all your FlexGui-enabled robots.  
  • Back up and restore your FD11 Robot Controller.

In addition to all of this, FlexGui can also be considered the core of some of our other products, such as FlexGui Remote and FlexGui Reporting. 

FlexGui's PC-based companion FlexGui Toolbox, includes a FlexGui-Preview to ease development. Therefore, you may test certain aspects of FlexGuis UI and behavior by trying FlexGui Toolbox.