FlexGui Remote

Please note: All licenses can be bought through NACHI-FUJIKOSHI.

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FlexGui Remote is an advanced remote operation solution. If an operator in your factory is in need of assistance, an expert can help within seconds. Through FlexGui Toolbox, the expert can monitor and assist the operator with both FlexGui and NACHI's standard user interface. If you dont have a FlexGui license the remote assistance solution will only apply to the standard interface.

FlexGui Remote can be set up on your shop floor or factory's Local Area Network (LAN), or configured to be available also over the internet. This can dramatically reduce both time and costs associated with support for robot integrators as well as integrated factory operations.

When a remote assistance session is undergoing, the robot operator is be able to see all the actions that the remote expert is performing and vice versa. This makes it easy for the robot operator to explain the problem. Conversely, the robot operator will easily see and learn how to solve the problem while the expert is showing the solution. The robot operator can also intervene and stop the session at any point.

If you want to expand FlexGui Remote to include control from smartphones, tablets as well as any modern browser. Please check out FlexGui Anywhere. Click here for more information.