FlexGui Toolbox

Please note: FlexGui Toolbox is a free product. Click here for information about our demonstration package.
To utilize all features on a real robot, you'll need a license. All FlexGui licenses can be bought through NACHI-FUJIKOSHI.

To make an inquiry, please contact your nearest NACHI dealer!  
Click here for more information about licensing our products.

FlexGui Toolbox in an integrated development environment for FlexGui Projects for Windows. The goal of FlexGui Toolbox is to make development and testing for your robots as easy as possible. It can also be considered the hub for all your NACHI robots, with features such as backup and restore, management and FlexGui Remote.

UI Development in FlexGui Toolbox is "What you see is what you get", and you can therefore drag and drop widgets and other UI elements onto the screen and instantly see the results. When you program features into your projects, you can choose between two languages; FG-SLIM (based on NACHI's SLIM), and JavaScript. This enables programmers at different levels and from different backgrounds to create great projects for your industrial robots. When programming, one also has easy access to a Variable Wizard which provides an overview of all variables available to your project.

FlexGui Toolbox also offers tight integration towards NACHI's offline programming solution, FD on Desk. This enables your projects to be tested in an enviroment close to the real system before its deployed to your robots.

An important part of FlexGui Toolbox is its server-capabilities. Firstly it is the server which the robots connect to if they are to be: developed for, updated, backed up, or even if the robot operator needs assistance through FlexGui Remote. Secondly, it can be set up as a proxy server for other Toolboxes to connect. This enables multiple experts to develop, manage and assist with your robots at the same time. Lastly, it is also serves services such as FlexGui Anywhere which enables smartphones, tablets and even modern web browsers to access FlexGui Remote.

If FlexGui Toolbox sparked your curiosity, we recommend you to try the FlexGui Toolbox demo package.