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The overview below shows the available documentation as well as which format and language they are available in.

Please note: In the case of the User Manual, you may find more content in the HTML-version when it comes to technical reference material.



PDF (en)
HTML (en)


The Getting Started goes through the basic usage of both FlexGui and FlexGui Toolbox. The guidance-level in this document is high, and is therefore nice place to start for new users.

This document does not cover any technical details regarding setup and configuration etc. instead, it focuses on explaining how one can create simple FlexProjects and upload them to the robot. 
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The User Manual covers several topics related to FlexGui and FlexGui Toolbox, and is the most extensive document available.

It covers, among others:
Basic usage, programming, file transfer, backup and restore, remote view, setup and configuration, licensing, FlexGui Anywhere and updating. 




This is a user manual for the Palletizing feature of FlexGui. It is recommended to read the FlexGui user manual before reading this, for referensive purposes.




The Program Editor User Manual is covers several topics related to FlexGui Program Editor. It is recommended to read the FlexGui User Manual before reading this manual.




The Installation Manual is intended for users without FlexGui installed on their robot. Link  Link 


The Demo Package Readme is a short guide that goes through the steps neccessary for starting the included FlexProjects in the FlexGui Toolbox + FD on Desk for FlexGui package. Link  Link 

For older versions of FlexGui and FlexGui Toolbox, the User Manual can be downloaded here:

Lastly, here at PPM we also believe in learning from examples. Therefore, you may also check out our downloadable examples