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The FlexGui Toolbox 2.0 installer package contains all the neccessary files to run FlexGui Toolbox and to update FlexGui on the robots. The package also contains the documentation.



FD on Desk is a robot simulator for a PC by NACHI. By connecting FD on Desk to FlexGui Toolbox it's possible to test FlexGui functionality without a real robot.



On older FD11 robots FlexGui is not yet preinstalled. The FlexGui 2.0 robot installer package contains the required files and instructions to install FlexGui. Link 


The USB Tool is a small application which displays the FlexId of a given USB key, to help PPM support generate a USB license.


Older releases available for download:

FlexGui Toolbox v1.2 
FlexGui Toolbox v1.1.1