FlexGui Palletizing Editor

Please note: FlexGui Palletizing Editor requires a license. All FlexGui licenses can be bought through NACHI-FUJIKOSHI.

What is Palletizing?

Palletizing is a feature of FlexGUI which is supposed to make it possible for users with no experience in the field to create and run palletizing-programs on the NACHI FD11 robot, as well as allowing experienced users many customizable features. Palletizing is an extention of the standard FlexGUI-package, and the user will need a special license to use palletizing to finalize projects. Users without this license will be able to try the palletizing demo for free.

How do I get Palletizing?

Palletizing needs, as stated earlier, a specific license for FlexGUI. If you or your company is interested in buying the palletizing feature, please see the web page, or contact PPM or NACHI.