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As the developers of FlexGui, we hold unprecedented knowledge and expertise within all FlexGui related products. We can offer your company help in getting started with FlexGui development through our Courses as well as hands-on help in creating tailored FlexProjects for your robotapplications. 

FlexProject Development

As a natural part of creating FlexGui, we have created countless FlexProjects for verifying its applicability and usability within a plethora of robot applications. This puts us in an unique position where creation of FlexProjects comes as natural to us as creating traditional robot programs.

We know all the best pratices, all features and all the tips and tricks that can take your NACHI robot to a new level of user friendliness.

Here at PPM AS, we have multiple robot labs where FlexProjects can be both developed and verified for various types of applications. This enables us test and verify the functionality,  performance and usability of our FlexProject in real environments before they are handed over to our customers. 

Courses in FlexGui Development

We also hold courses in how to develop for FlexGui.
In the courses we cover topics such as:

  • Basic product overview and how they relate to eachother.
  • The basics of FlexGui.
  • Developing using FlexGui Toolbox and FDonDesk.
  • Deployment of FlexProjects to your robot controller.
  • Best practices with regard to:
    • Structure of your robot programs.
    • Structure of your FlexProject.
  • Tips and tricks for creating streamlined tailored projects.

During the courses we will also create example FlexProjects together with you to give you a real end-to-end understanding of how to create FlexProjects. Courses held at our offices in Trondheim will also enable us to show the demos and examples in one of our robot labs.

Courses can be held in Norwegian, English or Hungarian; either in PPM's office or in your factory. 

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Please contact us for more information on our courses or any inquiry for FlexProject development.