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FlexGui Anywhere is an extension of FlexGui's remote assistance solution and gives you unprecedented convenience and mobility when giving support to your customers or colleagues.

FlexGui Anywhere enables you to monitor and control your robots as well as assist your robot operators from your smartphone, tablet or browser. This is done by extending the FlexGui Remote feature which gives you unparalleled convenience and flexibility in remote support and assistance to your shop floor or clients.

FlexGui Anywhere can be divided into three:

  • Android version – runs on Android smartphones and tablets.
  • iOS version – runs on iPhones (4 and up) and iPad (2 and up). 
  • Browser version – runs on any modern HTML5 compatible browser
Inside the mobile applications for FlexGui Anywhere there is a demo-function. To try it out, go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store or read the QR code below from your phone. As the application opens, press "Demo" at the right half of the splash screen to access the demo.
To test the browser demo, please visit FlexGui Showcase. 
Please click here for information about purchasing a license.

QR-Code for installing FlexGui Anywhere

QR Code for FlexGui Anywhere