Try FlexGui Reporting

FlexGui Reporting is a management solution for FlexGui-enabled robots. With FlexGui Reporting, the robots report their progress, process parameters, errors and what ever information you want to keep track of. Through FlexGui Reporting's interface, one can easily create charts and graphs for the data, and follow any developments in your factory or shop floor as they happen!

The demo of FlexGui Reporting can accessed by clicking here [LINK Coming], and using the folling credentials:
Username: demo
Password: demodemo

Please note that the demo user is in a "reader only"-role. Therefore, you will be able to only view charts and graphs created by FlexGui Reporting admins. The demo includes four examples: Daily production volume, Average Welding and Cooling time, Error occurrences and how they are distributed between the reporting robots.

FlexGui Reporting supports the traditional types of charts and graphs: line, pie and bar and both pivotal and non-pivotal. When creating charts or graphs, one follows a wizard where the data of interest is selected followed by choosing the desired value function such as avg, count, sum, max, min etc. The charts offers an unique way of following the current state of the production as they will regenerate when new data is received from the reporting robots. The chart's datatables can also be exported to Microsoft Excel for you to further examine.

Please click here for information about purchasing a license.