Try FlexGui Toolbox with FD on Desk

The FlexGui Toolbox demo package comprises of:

  • FlexGui Toolbox – Software for integrated development and management of FlexGui robots.
  • FDonDesk for FlexGui – FD-controller software for your computer.

FlexGui Toolbox includes a Preview-mode where you can test FlexGui with your FlexProject (FlexGui Project). The preview-mode connects to the FDonDesk software resulting in a near real testing enviroment for your projects.

Thus, FlexGui Toolbox together with FDonDesk gives you insight into the usage of FlexGui as well as the possible development workflow for creating FlexProjects.

To get started, download and install the following from the Download Page:

  • FlexGui Toolbox
  • FD on Desk for FlexGui 

Please see the Read me.pdf included in FD on Desk for FlexGui for information about starting the included example projects.