Getting started

This page is intended to give you an overview of which resources we have available for you to learn how to use, program and understand the concepts behind FlexGui.

We believe that learning from examples is an effective way of learning about the main concepts and flexility of the FlexGui system. We recommend that you download and install our FlexGui Toolbox Demo.

When both FlexGui Toolbox and FD on Desk for FlexGui is installed, we recommend that you go through the included readme, which shows how to start the three included examples.

After running the example projects as well as looking a bit under the hood, you may continue with the included example named Getting Started. This project is featured in the "Getting Started"-guide included in the demo package. All the considerations done for this project is explained throughout the guide. 

When you are ready to expand your horizon or if you have additional questions, can continue with the included User Manual. 

Lastly, all documentation is also downloadable from here, and you may also visit our wiki if there is any subject not covered by the pdf based documentation.
And of course; you may contact us with any question!